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Thank you!

Today we are always in a hurry trying to catch up with the pace of time. We try to achieve what we plan to do. We get frustrated because of minor troubles. We ignore our friends, relations and those who are close to us, as for the past, we tend to forget it. Only after many years we understand that all of it is vain hustle and we tend to look back, to think of people who lived next to us and thank them for what they have done. Having looked back I keep writing about my life thinking about my relations, teachers, co-eds and colleagues with gratitude.

My Dear Parents, thank you for having given me life. Dad, you have always been my advisor, friend and colleague! I remember your care; I miss you, love you, and thank you.

I remember as a child I had a Chinese-born teacher who taught me basics of religion and spirituality, Niura, our neighbor, a healer, who made me choose the career of people’s doctor.

spasibo2My dear school teachers, 46 years have passed since my first day at school with the bell ring calling for lessons. I remember how I entered the classroom and you asked us to get our copy books, pens and inkpots ready. All of them in the class laughed when I got an inkpot containing red ink out of my school bag and gave me the one with black ink.

My apologies, as I did it on purpose to make you laugh because in my canvas school bag there was a pot with black ink. During the ten years of school studies you enveloped us with care, warmth and attention. You protected and taught us from the bottom of your heart and soul – I remember this. Each year I looked forward to going to school on September 1so that to meet everybody dressed up with flowers, and even today after all these years I have visions of this day, which make me feel like going to school. Thank you for guiding me into life.

spasibo3Andizhan Medical Institute – how many reminiscences! It was in this institute where we matured to become doctors - the golden time of youth. For over thirty years I have been using the skills and knowledge acquired from you.

My sincere gratitude to the emergency-aid team in the city of Akhunbabaev, Andizhan Region, in which I worked as a nurse during several years.

Many thanks to medical workers of the Namangan Regional Hospital and the traumatology ward where I worked as an intern student, namely: .A. Akramov, chief of the ward, doctors Maligzhan Koriev, Tursinbai-aka, Olavuddin, as I got much experience and expertise from the institution.

spasibo5I also want to thank the staff of the village hospital in Namangan Region where I used to work as a general surgeon upon completion of internship studies. Much gratitude for your trust in me, your care and attention.

Enormous gratitude to the whole team of the district hospital in Namangan Region and personally to Khabibulo Zhuraev, head of the surgery ward, attending doctors Mukhtarzhan Zhuraev and Khamidzhan Bulatov. Working under these people I had proper schooling in surgery. These people were open to innovations and willing to implement any novelty into practice.

spasibo 30My gratitude extends to the Pensa GIDUV (State Institute of Postgraduate Medical Studies) and personally to prof. V.M. Tsodyks, associate professor A.I. Kislov, assistants V.A. Moisseienko, A.I. Mitroshina, as well as to doctors from the orthopedics ward V.I Murashko and Yu. I. Shkrob. Owing to you I acquired much research and practical expertise.

From the bottom of my heart I thank my residency course co-eds talented doctors and researchers I.N. Ponomarenko, Z.M. Budagovskaya, R.I. Roman. I keep reading your publications with interest; well done, guys, well done, indeed – success to you.

Much gratitude extends to doctors and other members of staff of the Murmansk Traumatology station No 1, as well as to doctors of the traumatology ward in the municipal hospital.

spasibo11I am grateful to V.N. Elik, chief doctor of the Murmansk Polyclinic No 1, A. Pisarenko, head of the City’s Public Health Department, and the deputy head T. Belova. Owing to your support a solid research base was created for my Phd and Doctorate thesis defense.

My special gratitude to the staff of the Murmansk Regional Scientific Library and, personally to Olga Frolova for the expert patent search, as well as to the PINRO Institute staff, patent department, for their support in the patent obtaining.

My special recognition goes to my tutor E. G. Gryaznukhin, doctor of medical sciences, professor and scientist, author of many books on traumatology, a great diagnostician and surgeon, and his wife Svetlana Filippovna Lesnova for their advice and care.

spasibo9Cordial gratitude to my research supervisors: Professor N. V. Kornilov, Director of the P.P. Vreden Ros NIITO, honored scientist of Russian Federation, correspondent member of the Russian Academy of MEDICAL SCIENCES, professor A. I. Anisimov, doctor of medical sciences, my opponents: professor A.A. Skoromts, head of neurology department in the St. Petersburg I.I. Pavlov Medical University, correspondent member of the Russian Academy of MEDICAL SCIENCES and to correspondent member of the Russian Academy of MEDICAL SCIENCES, professor B.M. Rachkov, doctor of medical sciences, professor Ulrich, doctor of medical sciences .

Many thanks to my consultants: professor N.N. Zhulev, head of neurology department in the MAPS, doctor of Medical Sciences, associate professor Yu.D. Budzgaradze, professor N.N. Bogdanov, head of reflexology department, doctor of medical sciences, professor V.A. Neverov, he ad of the traumatology and orthopedics in the MAPS, doctor of medical sciences.

Thanks to my friends P.V. Vanevsky, a top-notch anesthesiologist and ICU doctor, T.V. Gevorkyan and O.N. Kozello, gynecologists and obstetricians.

The patent researcher Galina Valentinovna Grigorieva carried out a lot of work with great results owing to her competency and expertise as well as her kindness and cordiality. My gratitude to you, Galina Valentinovna.

I also want to thank my colleagues and friends from China, Japan and Korea: professors Ton and Van Kte, Phd holders U Guan Nan and doctors Mi Hua, Van Hun and Chon.

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My life is not long enough to name all people I have met; most of them are common people without high titles and ranks. The only thing I know is that they are loyal, honest and credible people worthy of the best things in life – they are hard core of the world. I thank all of you and kneel before you.

In conclusion I want to thank the Creator for the opportunity to meet, rub shoulders with and live among such people.